Welcome to BMJ

"Delivery within the agreed deadlines is one of our fundamental principles, and whether it is a project for an operating vessel or another type of urgent order, we are always ready to give your order high priority and follow up on the process up to delivery to your doorstep or deck" - Poul Pinholt CEO at BMJ Marine

The marine filters are manufactured according to DVS 32012 & DVS 32013 standards by BMJ Maskinfabrik A/S in Stoholm, Jutland. The extremely sturdy and reliable filters were originally developed by Lindø Shipyards in the 1980’s.

Since 2000, BMJ Maskinfabrik has been dedicated to the manufacture of special Bergla filters for the marine industry, according to DVS standards. The welding department has been expanded to include a vertical flame cutter, and the company now supplies the filters to an ample range of Northern European shipyards and shipping companies. The smaller standard models are produced and available from our stock, while the larger, customized filters are manufactured for prompt delivery.

The classic Danish welding techniques are adopted throughout the entire manufacturing process, and every unit undergoes quality control, compression testing and certification before it is dispatched to our customer.


Many of BMJ’s employees are specialized in the production of marine filters, which comprise an independent department within the machine shop. Under an expansion project in 2002, BMJ Maskinfabrik underwent a comprehensive project of refitting and upgrading of our production equipment including several CNC lathes, CNC drills and, in 2007, the installation of a 9-axis Okuma Mac Turn 350